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Having mentioned price, you might as well consider testing one of these so called smart smoke detectors.

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Frontpoint Security sells itself on ease of use, with a DIY home surveillance and security kit based on free standing sensors that don't require any wall mounting, drilling, wires, etc.

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The app now walks you through the connection step by step.

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With changing technological trends, vendors are facing the challenge of selecting an apt sensor for their next generation smart detectors.

home security systems ge

It uses a rechargeable battery for power. It costs $199. Spotlight Cam Wired – This version is a hard wired system, but it is still a plug in security camera. It features an LED spotlight and a siren. Its power comes from a 110 to 240 VAC. You’ll pay $199 for this version.

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If you like it and wish to extend the cloud service, you’ll have to pay extra.

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